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Computer Calypso! Replace the writer, it’s all cliche! —

I’ve just read this blog post by Stefan Walcott. As a rule I don’t play much Soca during The Happening. I grew up with Calypso, which gradually morphed into Soca. I’m no expert on the Soca genre but Mr Walcott has made plenty of comments which I agree with. Have a listen to the music, make of it what you will.

I am back on air this Monday, 03/02/2020 with The Usual Eclectic Mix No 31.

There is a song called “In Time to Come” by Crazy. In it he lists numerous events that he thinks will happen. Check it out below. For those unfamiliar, or those that just can’t be bothered to listen, Crazy makes a number of claims. Like, 1. The coming of a black President. Which he was […]

Computer Calypso! Replace the writer, it’s all cliche! —

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